Sonos Updates App, Adds Strange Reference to “Your Mom” in Release Notes

Sonos app updates for your mom

SANTA BARBARA, CALIFORNIA – Sonos, a company that specializes in making premium, wireless audio systems that can utterly destroy modern network infrastructure, have updated their flagship app to address key complaints from customers who are unhappy with the new redesign. While the latest update doesn’t appear to address any of the concerns users have been vocal about, it does contain the following information in the “Version History” section of the App Store listing:

“Bug fixes and performance enhancements for your mom.”

While short and often vague release notes are not uncommon to find on popular apps from companies like Sonos, the company has recently shifted to providing more comprehensive entries in an effort to help relieve pressure from outspoken customers on popular internet forums and social media networks about their recent app update which removed popular features like, turning off alarms, adding sleep timers, playing locally stored music, alarms, editing playlists, key accessibility features, or changing Wi-Fi settings. The company has been quick to respond to the “torrent” of feedback provided from their customers and have promised to restore many of the missing features over the next few weeks on their online community forums.

It is unclear which particular features and enhancements have been included in the update. Sonos has provided no response to this intriguing development about your mom.

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