BREAKING: 100% of HDMI Problems Caused by Mysterious “Chaos Pin”

SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA — A report released last week concludes that HDMI issues that have plagued integrators and consumers for nearly two decades were all caused by an extra pin inadvertently included on all HDMI cables and ports. The extra pin doesn’t appear to be part of the HDMI specification which only calls for 19 pins on the connector. “We’re a bit perplexed how this extra pin got on every cable,” said Erik Anderson of the HDMI Licensing Administrator (HDMI LA). “It seems to have been added at the last minute when no one was paying attention.” The mystery pin is being called the “Chaos Pin” by industry insiders because, according to the report, the pin serves no other function than to randomly cause problems with the video signal. “We’re working with our certified partners but at this point, there’s not much we can do about it,” Anderson concludes. “This is just how HDMI works now.” HDMI hopes to include the discovered 20th connector in the next version of the HDMI specification to help support 16K video.

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