Pro Tip: Use IR to Control MyQ Garage Doors, Not IP

While most integrators may opt for using reverse-engineered software or cobbled together hardware to control MyQ garage door openers the best, and most reliable way to integrate these systems is still infrared. Many integrators shy from IR control because it lacks the two-way connectivity of IP solutions, however when it comes to reliable control, that does not break with software updates, IR remains king. Because of the recent “Internet of Things” fad many people, including professional integrators, do not realize every MyQ enabled garage door openers come with a full set of discrete IR commands that allow you to open and shut the garage door. Even better, MyQ controllers and MyQ enabled garage door openers come with a learning function that allows any IR remote to be used. Below are links to the various modules and drivers for current home automation systems.

Integration Drivers and Modules

Note: Savant is releasing a Savant MyQ garage door opener later this year

About the Author

Mark Hansom is the owner of Hansom AV in Seattle, Washington, and has worked as a custom integrator for over 15 years. Hansom has attended at least five CEDIA trade shows and been part of many industry get-togethers.

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