Snap One Stocks Soar 32%! Is Now the Time To Buy?

After a rough few years, Snap One Holdings Corp. (NASDAQ: SNPO) shares have finally seen an impressive few days of growth. Many integrators have been on the sidelines and apprehensive to invest money into the company until they saw solid financial quarterly numbers and performance gains. Clearly, that must have happened, and investors on Wall Street are reacting accordingly.

“This tells me that Wall Street finally sees what we’ve been saying for years: Snap One is in it for the long haul,” said Nathan Cooper, owner of Nate’s Audio Video in The Woodlands, Texas. “I’ve been buying Snap shares as fast as I can get my hands on them and can’t wait to see what they do next. This stock is going to be the next Bitcoin or Google!”

Snap One appears to be back in favor with a solid price jump and investors feeling the stage is set for a real push for profit from the company. After struggling to touch the $10 per share mark for months, the company finally lands on its feet this week with stocks jumping from $8.14 to $10.54. Now may be the best time to buy into a company with a clear future of profitability on the horizon.

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Snap One Debuts New ControlFork Line of Pitchfork, Shovel, and Torch for Custom Integrators