Veteran Integrator Plans for Retirement in 2056

“If all goes well in another 40 years, it should be time for me to hang up my hat and retire.”

Retirement looms for integrator

CONYERS, GEORGIA – After 30 years of hard work and dedication to the custom integration industry, David Russo, of Kustom Audio and Video Installers announced his plans to retire in sometime in the year 2056.

The experienced integrator, past CEDIA board member, and father of three made the decision after a long and successful career in a field where most retirement plans involve some type of life-changing job site injury or suffering a massive aneurysm while looking at Quickbooks on payroll day.

In a statement, Smith said, “I’ve been working in the custom integration industry for over three decades and now that my kids are out of school and on their own, I think I’ll be able to finally start saving toward retirement. If all goes well in another 40 years, it should be time for me to hang up my hat and retire.”

Despite the long road ahead of him, Smith is confident that he will be able to meet his retirement goals. He plans to keep up with the latest technology trends and use the best practices he has learned over the years to ensure that his projects are always up to date.

Smith’s peers in the industry have applauded his remarkable decision, citing his commitment and dedication to the profession. They have also pointed to his willingness to take on new challenges as a sign of his leadership and innovation.

Although Smith is hoping to retire in 2056, he has no intention of slowing down. He plans to stay involved in the industry and continue to work until the day his back completely gives out.

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