Long Time Error in THX Specification Found; Fireplace Below Every TV Now Required

A fireplace is now required to be installed below TVs to meet certification rules.

SAN FRANCISCO – In a stunning development THX, the certification body founded by legendary filmmaker George Lucas in 1983 to provide premium entertainment experiences in the cinema, announced that due to a decades-old arithmetic error, all THX Certified theaters will need to be retrofitted with gas, electric, or wood burning fireplaces below the viewing screen to maintain certification.

“I couldn’t believe it,” said THX Intern Joe Gorman. “I was reviewing older image science text books to cross reference one of our core mathematic equations used for determining screen hight and viewing angle. When I looked at the equation I immediately thought, ‘Oh, no. They didn’t carry the one!'” With the error corrected, Gorman says that the math proves every viewing screen must be raised 15 to 20-degrees above the current viewing angle so that a fireplace can be installed directly below.

“This shocking development puts to rest the debate of whether or not mounting a TV over a fireplace is appropriate or in good taste,” said industry veteran Craig Paulson. “I’ve been a long time critic of these types of installations but when you get down to it the science doesn’t lie. A TV over a fireplace is just a better performing install.”

While some industry insiders are shocked others are feeling vindicated. “I’ve been saying for years now that installing an 85-inch OLED over a cozy fireplace just makes sense,” proclaimed Dan Addison, President of Hook-It-Up AV and Home Theater in Lansing, Michigan. “Who’s laughing now? All of my customers just became proud owners of THX certified AV systems!” Addison says he plans on adding electric fireplace units to his company’s offerings in the near future to help sell more THX Certified cinemas.

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