SURVEY: More Dealers Now Trading Sexual Favors for Receivers and WiFi6 Gear

NEW YORK CITY – A recent online survey of more than 250 integrators shows that home technology professionals will acquire equipment for their clients by “any means necessary.” Roughly 85% of dealers surveyed said, because of widespread product shortages, they are now paying with services previously reserved by sex workers and drug addicts.

“I’ve been working in this industry for 25 years and it’s nearly impossible to buy product that I need to complete jobs through normal channels,” said Rob Gilman of AV Specialists in Toledo, Ohio. “I’ve been getting [screwed] over by builders for years so there’s not much difference in being [screwed] for an AVR.” The survey says nearly 37% dealers are no longer begging suppliers on their knees for networking equipment and have moved to taking matters into their own hands (also while on their knees).

69% of custom integrators fully expect this trend to continue until the supply shortages caused by the global pandemic are no longer an issue. But industry analyst Claire Duncan with Raging Research and Associates think’s there’s more to cum. “So far, we’ve only seen the tip and there’s a bigger, thicker issue that dealers will have to wrap their hands and heads around in 2022. Our research says client demand is insatiable and that more work will pile on top of the previous job until the dealer is being ganged up on.” Even if some dealers can handle multiple clients at once, they may not be abler to take the entire load when more than one job finishes at the same time.

Samuel Thompson of Bespoke Cinema, in Amarillo, Texas is thinking positively. “It sucks but I worked my way though college and the 2006 crash using the same methods and only picked up a mild case of gonorrhea. If this is what it takes to run an AV business in 2022 then I will be doing whatever needs to be done to be successful even if it hurts a little when I pee.”

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