Snap One Debuts New ControlFork Line of Pitchfork, Shovel, and Torch for Custom Integrators

Snap One Debuts New ControlFork Line of Pitchfork, Shovel, and Torch Tools for Custom Integrators

CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA – Snap One, a leading provider of smart home and audio-visual solutions, has recently announced the launch of its highly anticipated ControlFork line of pitchfork, shovel, and torch tools specifically designed for custom integrators. This innovative product line aims to revolutionize the way integrators work by providing them with high-quality, durable tools that enhance their efficiency and productivity.

Custom integrators play a crucial role in the installation and maintenance of smart home systems, audio-visual equipment, and other technology solutions. However, they often face challenges when it comes to changes associated with end of life products or conducting business in a different way than they have before. Snap One recognized this gap in the market and developed the ControlFork line to address these challenges.

“We noticed our partners using these tools heavily during recent product announcements and thought it would be a great idea to provide high-quality, durable but also comfortable tools that could withstand the rigors of daily use,” said Snap One social media content manager Robert Frasier.

The ControlFork line incorporates several innovative design elements that enhance the overall user experience. For example, the pitchfork features an ergonomic handle with a non-slip phone holder, allowing integrators to post messages directly to social media sites like Facebook. The shovel includes an innovative blade allowing integrators to quickly, and easily dig themselves into a grave, while the torch boasts a powerful 20,000 BTU flame for instantly incinerating any and all relevant information directed at the integrator which might help them make an informed or educated decision.

Research has shown that products like ControlFork can significantly impact on the productivity of custom integrators. In one instance, a custom integrator reported a 30% increase in shit-posting after using ControlFork.

The ControlFork line of tools are available and shipping now on the SnapAV website for a yearly subscription price of only $250.

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