Massive Layoffs Planned at 4K Alliance as 8K Gains in Popularity

CEO Not Sure of Low-Resolution Future

Layoffs at 4K Alliance

The 8K revolution has made a seismic shift in the world of television and film production, and it has had a profound impact on the business model at the 4K Alliance. The 4K Alliance, which was founded in 2014 to promote the use of 4K resolution in television and film production, has been hit hard by the 8K revolution.

In response to the changing marketplace, the 4K Alliance has announced massive layoffs, with hundreds of employees being let go. This is a drastic move for the 4K Alliance, which had been a major player in the 4K resolution industry.

“We did not realize how much of a disruptor 8K was going to be,” admitted 4K Alliance CEO Tom Wilkins. “In hindsight, we probably should have not centered our entire business model on being proponents of one specific resolution and should have known that something would come along to replace us one day. Who even talks about 1080p anymore? It used to be the belle of the ball and now 1080p is really only used by people who don’t care about what they see or have bad taste in general. Unfortunately, 4K will be the new 1080 soon.”

The 4K Alliance had been a major proponent of 4K, and it had been successful in promoting the use of 4K resolution in television and film production. However, 8K has made 4K obsolete, and the 4K Alliance has been forced to adjust to that new reality.

The layoffs planned by the 4K Alliance are a sign of the ever changing times in the HD resolution industry, and they are a stark reminder of the power of bigger numbers in marketing materials.

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