EXCLUSIVE: Ring X Line Drone Boasts 30,000 ft. Service Ceiling, Death From Above

SANTA MONICA, CALIFORNIA – Amazon shocked the world earlier this year with its announcement of the $299 in-home Ring Drone. While reviewing FAA filings Custom AV News has discovered the company will be announcing a bigger brother that will patrol well above neighborhoods and provide Ring users high definition video directly to their Ring app. The new drone will be part of the Ring X Line program which was developed to convince gullible integrators that they are getting something exclusive, when it’s really the same crap product with an ‘X’ sticker stuck on the packaging that will inevitably fall off at the slightest indication of humidity, but hey, your pride is easily purchased and you feel good when big corporations, hell-bent on destroying your way of life, pretend to care about your business because it makes you feel like the pretty girl at prom. The X Line Drone will also carry an armament of up to eight AGM-114 Hellfire missiles which can be individually fired from the Ring app and stop any would-be porch pirate dead in their tracks. No pricing or release date is available on the X Line Drone.

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