Extended OVRC Outage Traced to Defective Wattbox Powering Main Server

CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA – Ater an extended OVRC outage, SnapAV announced late Thursday that it had found a defective Wattbox IP-enabled, power conditioner plugged into the main server. SnapAV OVRC technicians were using the power distribution unit to remotely reboot the main server if it crashed and apparently didn’t notice the faulty product after hours of troubleshooting. “The crazy thing is, it looked like it was working. There was no indication from the front panel at all that there was anything wrong with the Wattbox,” said SnapAV CEO John Heyman. The SnapAV executive took quick action to resolve the issue. “I immediately called SnapAV tech support to have them issue an RMA for the device.” The OVRC platform is still down but Heyman expects it to be back in working order as soon as a new Wattbox arrives. The defective Wattbox has been “field terminated.”

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