BREAKING: CEDIA Withdraws from Attending CEDIA Expo Citing Shitty Venue Over COVID Concerns

INDIANAPOLIS – CEDIA announced today that it would no longer be attending the CEDIA Expo this year due to the horrible location chosen for the exhibition. “If this was Denver, San Diego, or even Orlando we might be interested in going despite the health concerns around the Delta variant of COVID-19, but Indianapolis is just awful,” said an organization representative familiar with the decision, “add a pandemic on top of that and the choice pretty much makes itself.”

The stunning news comes on the heels of major exhibitors such as Savant, Snap One, and RTI saying they would not be attending. CEDIA plans to attend the CEDIA Expo 2022 “as long as it isn’t in that god awful, shit-hole Atlanta.”

We will continue to monitor this breaking story.

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