Bad-Ass Integrator Completes Three Confirmed “Kills” in One Day!

FORT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA – When former military vet and private security contractor Scott Reid decided to get into the custom AV business he knew he’d be able to bring something unique to the industry. Reid aggressively “hunts down” takeover jobs using the skills he learned during nearly two decades of service as a sniper in the Army’s Special Forces. “Sometimes I’ll sit and wait 72 hours in one location to hand my business card to my target,” says Reid. Reid recently completed three takeovers in one day, rocketing his company to the top of the 2020 CEPro/Soldier of Fortune Top 100 list. “Not many companies can claim they have had three ‘kills’ in one week, much less one day, and I have the engraved rack panels to prove it!” Reid says that he will add the panels to his “trophy room” that houses mementos from every takeover his company has completed.

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