Dealer Blows Family’s Entire Stimulus Check on B-Stock Gear for His Home That He’ll Never Install

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VIRGINIA – Not wanting to miss out on sweet equipment deals, Alpha Home Theater Systems’s owner Greg Williamson decided to make an investment in his home’s AV system, and the economy, by spending the family’s entire COVID-19 stimulus check on out of program gear. “This probably won’t be the best investment I’ve ever made but, wow, I could not pass up these prices,” said Williamson. “I just have to find the time to install it all. I still have a full Netstreams system in the closet over there next to those in-ceiling speakers. It’s all still good stuff.” Even though the equipment is all outdated and has been replaced by current models with new features, Williamson says that once all the equipment is installed he’ll be able to use his entire home as a showroom for the business. He even has a 10 year old, 60-inch Pioneer Elite plasma TV that he plans on showcasing above his fireplace. “They never made a better picture than they did on those sets. Everyone who installs TVs knows that.”

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