LG Announces New “Retro-OLED” TVs with 4-inch Bezels, Virtual Burn-in to Emulate Plasma TVs of the Past

SEOUL, KOREA – LG Electronics unveiled a new line of “Retro-OLED” 4K TV with a retro look and style that matches plasma TVs of the 2000’s. The new models come complete with 4-inch bezels and extra lead weights added for mass. LG boasts the 60-inch model weighs in at over 350 pounds. “People are nostalgic for the 2000s when times were simpler and TVs were built like tanks,” said LG spokesperson Tom Harper. The new OLEDs also come with a new technology called E-BURN which LG says will simulate the burn-in effect that made plasma TVs so popular. “If you watch a TV program with a static image for too long or play a video game for nearly any amount of time, you’ll see burn-in begin and beautiful ghosting image will remain on the screen for the lifetime of the TV,” Harper said. LG hopes to license E-BURN technology to other manufacturers in the future. The Retro-OLED 4K TVs will be available for purchase later this year.

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