Savant Adding Stories to App to Increase Engagement Among Younger Users

HYANNIS, MASSACHUSETTS – Savant announced Monday that it will be adding Stories to the companies award winning app interface starting in January. Savant Stories, like Stories on Snapchat and Instagram, enable users of the platform to quickly engage and share key moments while using the system. The hope is to shift the perception that Savant is only a system for old, rich men and engage with other demographics such as spoiled, rich children who crave attention. “We’re excited to see how younger folks who have Savant systems installed in their homes or luxury apartments will tap in to using this new tool,” said Savant CEO Robert ‘Bob’ Madonna. “Savant Stories provides a lightweight, fun way to share an update with your friends and family every time you turn on a light or start a movie in your dedicated theater room.” Savant Stories will be rolled out as a software update in the early part of 2021.

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