Savvy Integrator Opens Bank to Better Finance Home Builder’s Projects

ORLANDO, FLORIDA – When Phil Ham at Integrated Specialists in Orlando, Florida started his custom install business he had no idea that just ten years later he’d be applying to become a financial institution. That’s because Integrated Specialists is now Integrated Specialists and Loan, a fully FDIC insured lender for home builders. “We looked at our books one day and were astonished how many contractors owed us money for work we’d already completed,” said Ham. “ That’s when we realized builders not only needed us to be experts in home technology but also finance.” Now, instead of offering net terms for payment, the company can wrap the entire construction project into a loan. “Before we started offering construction loans, contractors would come into our office at the last-minute wanting us to do a pre-wire. Now they are banging down our doors before the first shovel hits the ground.” Builders have also long relied on their integration partners to perform work at no cost and then haggle on when, and how much of the invoice they will pay. Ham says, “now lending them money is simple and easy.” Ham claims the program is a hit with his current home builders and he plans to expand the program into other markets later this year.

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