Control4 Adds Pornhub to Driver Catalog

SALT LAKE CITY – Control4 announced Wednesday that it would be adding an all-new driver for the home automation platform which promises to make it easier for end-users to interact with their porn collections. The company said that the first of its kind driver will allow porn from a user’s Pornhub account to be viewed directly in the automation company’s interface. “This greatly simplifies the viewing of pornographic movies for anyone in the household,” said SnapAV/Control4 Product Development manager Charlie Kindel, “With this driver, there’s no longer a barrier to the client who has difficulty finding or watching porn in their home, or while on the road using our 4Sight remote connection service.” The software will even allow a Control4 dealer to execute lighting scenes based on what type of porn is being watched or trigger the audio-video system to play a certain porn movie when the homeowner arrives home. Control4 also promises to add additional features such as being able to play a movie staring a certain actor and parental controls sometime in the near future.

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